Trust Media is a full faced and very contemporary growing ‘a one stop Business promoting house’ since establishment in 2012.

Its a private owned organization and now it will also be existed as a sister concern. After providing these several year services we have realized that we have so many utilized experts, unlimited capabilities and links to enhance any business more than the last. And these thoughts are pushed up to expand our area to establish Trust Media. Yes, we can make support in every step needed to grow your business.

Our philosophy is to own any problem or question and accept the challenges as our own and approach them with all-out efforts from the creative, production and technical resources in-house, in-country and abroad.
We have a unique blend of work experience both for business development. We excelled ourselves to confront the product marketing arena while we gained accolades for our noteworthy other related services to rise a business smoothly.

We always enhance our resource team as and when needed with the people from various professional arenas as we believe that the best resources can always produce an excellent result if they were given the right platform.

The other most important aspect of our organization is we are always keen to maintain a transparent relationship with our clients. We believe that the success of any project largely depends on how well we can listen to the client’s need and can fulfill them with honesty and transparency.

Apart from our creative team and pragmatic approach to the projects, one of our unique strength is that we have a 360 degree expertise resource completely in-house. Also we have a very good connection with the top notch expert professionals in this industry in-country and abroad.

We believe that our external communication, expert outsourcing capability, professional skills, creative and production experience, a dynamic attitude towards projects and client; is a winning combination to execute any kind of job to grow both of our business. Several freelance contributors are also working with us as whenever needed.

Trust Media has an excellent professional relationship to BTV, BETAR and all other private Radio, TV channels, Print Media, Online & Social Media, promotional mediums and so on.

We are hopeful to make a long lasting relationship with you and we believe that can set a new milestone by serving your need.

Why us

In an industry based on mass communication, we believe in the concept of mass personalization. We service clients, not statistics or numbers. We do not talk to audiences. We initiate conversations. Our strong network consisting of government bodies, political leaders, corporate bodies, and media personnel enables us to cater to your every communication needs.

The dedicated services we provide reflect our morals and ethics, as we do what we believe in and believe in what we do. We provide the kind of service clients aspire to find in an agency because our
clients success in our success.


Be the leading PR (Public Relation) Firm- by commitment, hard work, concern for our clients and helping them achieve results through creativity and shared relationships.


Our mission is to make news, launch products, connect people, set trends, support causes, create effective social media strategies and stage memorable events. To provide dynamic PR (Public Relation) services enabling our clients. To build stronger relationships and to influence attitudes and behaviors in a complex world.